Tsunade is a Heroine in Tengai Makyou (Far of East Eden) Ziria.


Come on, my turn is on!

Such a tree, it is full swing with a full swing!

Se !! Miso! Ra! men!

A tribe of "Fire clan" in Jipang, a descendant of "Namekuji" Girl. Appearance is an insane Girl, but with extraordinary Monster Power, it fights by swinging Axe which is heavier than your weight at any rate. In addition, it seems that Weapon other than Axe can also be used (Sword and Bow can be equipped with Tengai Makyou Ziria), and Small Axe, Throwing Knife, Freil can also be used. With Axe Type Weapons, most Weapons seem to be training to use. He hates Study and tries to fly out Ashikaga School to become a lumberjack, but because Forest is likely to be bald because it cuts down Wood in a mess, it is feared by the people of lumberjack villages. As a property of Namekuji, Salt is Weakness and can not enter Dungeon of Salt Mountain. It is unclear what will happen specifically in Salt. Namekuji's Guronushi doesn't seem to say Salt, but what kind of eating habit is it?


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