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    • Hey, Nemesislive, thanks for the offer, but not for now. I may eventually edit it in the future although that will have to wait a long time, as I have more important wikis to take care of, and I don't know anything about the Far East of Eden series.

      Just a thing Nemesislive, I suggest you don't give Bureaucrat/Admins rights to everyone (that you don't even know, on top of that), to edit the wikis you created (You gived admins rights to at least 15 persons on this wiki, and around the same amount on Mitsumete Knights Wiki, it's enormous). Admins rights, it's like trust, they have to be earned first (by the work they do on the wiki, by the interest and dedication they show to the wiki and series, etc). And if you do give admins rights to a person, it's best to consult her first before.

      Oh and another thing, creating a wiki it's fairly easy, it just takes a couple of minutes to do it. However, keeping the wiki up to date, making sure it have all the infos it needs, protecting it from any kind of vandalism, answering the questions users may have etc, it is a complete different story.

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