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The VG Resource is a website dedicated to archive resources from multiple video games, including games from the Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou) franchise. Beside game content, the site also contains custom resources, such as custom Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou) sprites.

The archives are divided in four sites:


The VG Resource was founded as NinSprites in 2003. Wanting to expand beyond only Nintendo sprites, NinSprites was rechristened "The Spriters Resource" and began accepting sprites from all platforms. It later expanded to also include other four more sites: The Models Resource, The Textures Resource, The Sounds Resource, and The VG Resource. The VG Resource started its life as a video game news/review site, but due to a lack of writers, the purpose of the site was changed and "The VG Resource" instead became the name of the network of sites hosting The Spriters Resource, The Models Resource, The Textures Resource, and The Sounds Resource.

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