Taro Gokuraku

Taro Gokuraku is a Character in Tengai Makyou (Far of East Eden) II Manji-Maru.


If you want to stop my feet, bring along with Fuji Mountain! !

"Fire Clan" in Jipang. Unlike other people, it is not a "subsect." About 1000 years ago I fell in love with the Mermaid "Chiyo" and drank "Mermaid Tear", which was said to extend the lifespan by 1000 years. Therefore, how surprised the age is 1024 years old. It is older than Vampire there. However, for 992 years of that time, Mermaids were misunderstood as "perpetrators who survived only for themselves without joining the Battle for Fire Clan", and were confined. According to the watchman Mermaid, he hasn't listened to Voice for the last 300 years, and it seems that the first sound was heard from inside the jail when Manji-Maru Sengoku came, so he seemed to have been waiting for 992 years. It looks like Power Type, and the mystery is "Martial Arts". The power is so intense that you can destruct Great Rock with Bare Hand.


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