Far East of Eden III Namida

Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou)III: Namida is a role playing game for Playstation 2 released by Hudson Soft (now · Konami Digital Entertainment) on April 14, 2005.


The 10th work of Japanese style RPG "Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou) series". "Far East of Eden: Ziria", "Far East of Eden II: Manjimaru" followed by the completion of the trilogy.

Combining beautiful 3D graphics that made use of the performance of Playstation 2 to the unique movies and attractive characters that are Uri in this series opened a new possibility of Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou).

Although it will be described later, it is a work which traced a long time and a fateful fate until the release

World Setting

The stage of the story is the region called "Tsukusu" by Jipang. In the evil existence "Ami" released from the seal, a boy who knew his destiny · Namida and his colleagues face up.

Three sacred treasures of Japanese myths have appeared as important factors in the three works of ZIRIA, II, and III, and in this work "mirror" is an important item.


One boy was launched on the beach of a small island country "Takachiho village" in the west of Jipang, Tsukusu district. The boy was helped by a girl named Ichiyo, but he lost his memory of the past. He was given the name "Namida", and since then, Ichiyo's family has been brought up like a real brother and sister.

And the festival night of the year Namida became 17 years old · · · The "miracle" that was enshrined in the village is broken, and the evil existence "Ami" which was sealed in the mirror is unlocked from the seal. What is their purpose to cause various confusion in various parts of Tsukusu? Eventually Namida knew the destiny that he carried on himself and threw himselves into the fight against Ami's ...


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