Far East of Eden II Manji-Maru for PC Engine

Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou)II: Manjimaru is a role playing game for Turbo Grafx CD released by Hudson Soft (now · Konami Digital Entertainment) on March 26, 1992.


The second work of Japanese style RPG "Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou) series". (* March 27 is an established theory on Wikipedia etc., March 26 is the correct release date.The game software seems to be a misunderstanding because it was general on Friday release. The catch phrase "There is no enemy in my path!" Is the deciding line of the main character Manji-Maru Sengoku.

Mr. Joe Hisaishi who is famous for the scenario of Tonarino Totoro composed by 24 voice actors and evolved animation, Linda Cube, OreniShikabanewo Koeteyuke etc. work scenario by Mr. Shoji Masuda and darkness, Yasuhiko Fukuda's ingenious music It was a very luxurious work as a multifaceted then at that time. In addition, the average clearing time was also proud of the volume exceeding the previous work with 60 to 80 hours.

It boasts a high popularity among series works, and still has a voice as being the highest series masterpiece. Later, spin-off work and many remake works to other models are produced.

World Setting

The stage of the story is the region called Jipang's "Yamato". It depicts the battle of Manji-Maru Sengoku and the fellows of three friends who stand up against the "family of the roots" who resurrected after 1000 years, descendants of the family of fire.

Three sacred treasures of Japanese myth appear as important factors in the three works of ZIRIA, II, and III, and in this work "Sword" is an important item.


A boy named Manji-MaruSengoku lived in Shirakawa village in the country of Hida in Yamato district. Admiral of the village, he takes children and goes to the nearby Takayama village to see the festival, suddenly a huge flower "dark flower" appears from the ground and the village is destroyed. At the same time, "Brothers of the Dead Gods" who appointed the generals of the "family of the root" appeared at the same time, the mother and the villagers were taken hostage.

Manji-Maru who headed for the captured "Ryoumen cave" hostage, succeeds in rescuing the hostages by defeating the dead brothers' king of the horns. And from the mouth of the mother who helped me, I was revealed to be the descendant of the "family of fire" that I fought 1000 years ago as a "family of roots".

Manji-Maru who knew his destiny departed for the seven "holy sword" which can slash the dark flower in order to prevent the resurrection of the root family god "Yomi" ...


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