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== External links ==

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Far East of Eden Ziria for PC Engine

Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou): Ziria is a role playing game for Turbo Grafx CD released by Hudson Soft (now · Konami Digital Entertainment) on June 30, 1989.


A super masterpiece RPG set in "False Japan = Jipang seen by a foreigner". First work of Japanese style RPG Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou): Series'. It is also the first computer RPG using a CD-ROM as a medium.

Using the large capacity of CD-ROM, introduction of character voice by animation and voice actor, and using raw songs composed by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, he has a magnificent volume that distinctly different from RPG so far, It became killer software of CD - ROM ².

From 2004 to 2006, mobile phone applications based on the original version were delivered.

World SettingEdit

The stage of the story is the region called "Bando" by Jipang. Draws the battle of the descendants of the fire family Ziria, Tsunade, Orochi-Maru and the organization "Demon teacher" that seeks to revive Masakado.

Three sacred treasures of the Japanese myth appear as important factors in the three works of ZIRIA, II, and III, and in this work "Jade" is an important item.


The country "Jipang" at the end of the east of the world. It was a beautiful and peaceful country where flowers of all seasons bloom in bloom, but one thousand years ago there was a case where one man was in danger of extinction.

That man's name is "Masakado". Masakado did everything possible to destroy Jipang as his ideal village, and the creatures were about to die. But then, those who appeared as "clans of fire" appeared and challenged the battle to Masakado. The battle took place on one hundred days, and many of the families of fire died out. And at the end of the death battle, the family of the fire succeeded to seal Masakado deeply at the bottom of the ground with the power of "three balls". In this way, peace has come to Jipang.

However, that peace did not last long. The hand of the devil who is trying to revive Masakado is getting creeping in Jipang.

The story starts from Tsukuba mountain in the Bando region. Here, the boy Zidia descended from the fire family who survived the fight against Masakado had been practicing under the teacher's Gama Sennin ...


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