Far East of Eden The Fourth Apocalypse

Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou): The_Fourth_Apocalypse (Daiyon no Mokushiroku) is a role playing game for Sega Saturn released by Hudson Soft(now · Konami Digital Entertainment) on January 14, 1997.


The eighth work of Far East of Eden (Tengai Makyou) series which had been developed around Turbo Grafx. Unlike the previous series which set in Jipang which takes the concept of "erroneous Japanese view seen from Westerners" unlike the previous series, this work is set in the United States with the concept "erroneous Western seen from the Japanese" as a concept , It is a work that added a horror taste. Including religious theory, war argument etc, it is known as a highly message-oriented work. The title "Fourth Apocalypse" was named as the fourth work of the series based on "Far East of Eden III: Namida" that was planned to be released at that time at PC-FX. Initially it was said that there was also a sequel concept such as "the fifth apocalypse" and "the sixth apocalypse" as a new series. It is a work that made use of the specifications of Sega Saturn while taking over the characteristics of the series, such as the character's rich characters played by gorgeous voice actors and the storytelling by animation method. In the previous work, the movie conversion of the demo scene that had been animated in the program and "PLGS" which was subsequently adopted as the SNES version "Far East of Eden Zero", using the built-in clock of Sega Saturn main body linked with actual date It features such as the event. OP movies with "the number of adventures" flowing will flow as you leave the title screen.


Apprentice demon Rising of hunter came to the town of New Orleans brought to teacher 's Red Bear. A mysterious city isolating the children inside the fence ... .... There was an altar called the fire of Eden. The fire of Eden was illuminating the United States with its holy light as a symbol of peace. However, in recent years it is said that monsters are starting to increase around here. In Editor 's Eden' s fire himself creates demons .... 1893 The New Orleans story starts here.


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